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Our Automotive prints are created in a very unique way... Using incredibly detailed 3D models, we can show our cars at any angle, in any colour, in any location or on any background.


What’s more, our high-end render servers mean that we can output our files in incredibly high resolution, usually at a staggering 10,000px x 7400px resolution. This means that however large your print, or however close you look, the image will be pin-sharp. 

To put this in perspective, if you are very lucky you might find an image of your favourite vehicle on the internet at 2500px pixels wide. Most, however, are well below that. The imagery we create is four times higher than even that and our approach means that if we place a car on a lime green background then the lime green reflects in the chrome, the wheels and the glass.

In simple terms, there is no store in the world selling automotive prints that are even close to the quality we sell. There is no store offering the range we sell. And there is certainly no store offering you the ability to change the prints to how YOU want them!

But then, we’re QUERKEE. And they ain’t!

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