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Square Maze Print - Change all colours.

Printed with or without solution*


This extremely high quality print shows a stunning maze, uniquely created for you! No two mazes are the same and so, if you order more than one, they will all be different. Change the colours to suit your tastes, your decor or even your kettle. To change the colours, simply enter the 2-digit codes from our Colour Chart into the boxes provided. If you would like us to match to a swatch instead, simply enter some notes into the 'Main Colour' or 'Background Colour' boxes instead. 


Additionally, if you would like any of the text changed, removed or re-coloured, just drop us a line.


The print is produced in very high resolution, so it looks great even at extremely large sizes. Like all our prints, we can arrange custom sizes if you have a particular size or frame in mind.


* Solution is always provided on a separate card, even if you choose not to have it on the print itself!

Square Maze


All of our prints are produced in, and shipped from, the country of order using our global print partners. This makes delivery fast and economically friendly.


Each print is made to order using Specialist Printing Machines, Archival Museum Grade 200gsm Semi-Gloss (Silk) Paper and High Quality Fade Resistant Inks that will produce quality long lasting images.


All prints are carefully and securely packed to (hopefully) avoid any damage. Larger prints (A3, A2, A1, A0) will be sent carefully rolled in postal tubes.

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